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Then & Now

A 20-year musical journey … the best of David Sheehy

This CD celebrates the 20th anniversary of David Sheehy’s recording career and takes you on a special musical journey of some of his best original songs released from 1995 through 2015. Then & Now features three original songs recorded in 2015 exclusively for this commemorative collectionNo Way, Stay With Me, and Sweet Home Honeyalong with selected tracks from Sheehy’s other CDs released over the years: Let Go (2009), The Promise (2008), The Dream (2004), From The Heart (2001), Forever High (1995), plus a bonus track from Scattered Blue Live (1995). Jake Bodnar accompanies Sheehy with keyboards, accordion, and cedar flute on the first three songs, while Jeff Felske plays cajón on No Way and Sweet Home Honey. Harmony vocals on Sweet Home Honey by Susan Bodnar. Original cover artwork by Andrea Karin Almanza. (Released 2015)

Let Go

Powerful, profound lyrics set to rhythmically infused rock

This five-song EP marks the debut of David Sheehy’s first globally distributed single—Let Go—and first Nashville production. The EP includes both the fully produced rockin’ Let Go single (Track 1), as well as a softer acoustic version (Track 5). Tracks 2-4 feature Sheehy on lead vocals with his former band members of Scattered Blue, an all-original rhythm and groove, rock ‘n’ roll band. Special thanks to all the incredibly talented musicians who wrote lyrics and performed on this powerful EP! (Released 2010)  

1.  Let Go – Written by David Sheehy
2.  Escape the Night – Written by Roger Tew
3.  Listening for Rose – Written by Doug Sheehy
4.  When I Dream of You – Written by Roger Tew
5.  Let Go (Acoustic) Written by David Sheehy

Tracks 1 and 5: David Sheehy: Vocals | Cory Fournier: Electric Lead and Rhythm Guitar | John Willis: Acoustic Lead and Rhythm Guitar | Duncan Mullins: Bass | Scott Williamson: Drums.
Tracks 2, 3 and 4: David Sheehy: Lead Vocals | Bill Boggio: Lead Guitar | Doug Sheehy: Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Background Vocals | Roger Tew: Keyboards | Tom VanRossem: Bass, Background Vocals | Dave Hollister: Drums.

The Promise

Acoustic music at its finest ... a soft rock feel with meaningful lyrics, acoustic guitar, and beautiful vocals

This solo acoustic CD features 12 of David Sheehy’s original songs recorded with acoustic guitar and vocals, plus a special duet bonus track with Debi Howe. The original cover artwork of Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, California, is by Gary Fox. (Released 2008)

The Dream

Sincere lyrics and smooth vocals with an acoustic, country sound

This CD features 11 of David Sheehy’s original songs with a country flavor. Sheehy sings lead and background vocals, and plays lead and rhythm guitar, cedar flute and keyboards. Dan Gutenkauf plays bass on several songs. (Released 2005)

Forever High

A cool mix of acoustic and electric instrumentation with inspirational lyrics delivered by strong, clear vocals

This is David Sheehy’s first CD, which features 12 original songs with accompaniment by other musicians. David Sheehy is showcased on vocals, acoustic guitar, piano and electric guitar; his brother Doug Sheehy plays acoustic guitar, bass, and electric guitar; John Tew on keyboards and percussion; Johnene McDonald on violin; and Hugh Santos on drums. (Released 1995)